How Do You Inquire About Arrest Records?

The general public can inquire about arrest records by calling the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest or by accessing the online public arrest records usually available on the websites of state and federal police departments or the county sheriffs' offices.

To inquire about arrest records, you may personally visit or call a law enforcement agency where the arrest took place. If you do not know the contact information of your local police department or sheriff's office, visit, and use the directory to locate law enforcement agencies by name, state or type of agency.

Arrest information is public record and often available through the state or federal court system. Arrest records may be available on the official websites of law enforcement agencies as searchable data or as public information. Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, for example, allows inquiry of arrest information by name, booking number and date or birth.

Some counties post booking records on their website, allowing the public to view the details of the arrest without providing basic information. The Larimer County Sheriff's website provides an updated booking report that includes the arrested person's personal information, such as full name, date of birth, arrest date and charges.

An arrest record does not imply conviction of a crime or a criminal history. Those with arrest records are individuals suspected of a crime by a member of the law enforcement, but may be completely innocent of a crime.