What Is the Inmate Visitation Policy for Federal Prisons?


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When an inmate first arrives at a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility, he must complete a visiting list requesting the Federal Bureau of Prisons to add immediate family, relatives, friends, clergy and others to his list of approved visitors. The inmate may not normally receive visits until his visiting list has been approved, unless the immediate family member can be verified in the inmate’s pre-sentence report.

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When visiting a federal inmate, the dress code requires the visitor to wear appropriate clothing. Wearing revealing or provocative clothing may result in a visitor being turned away. Clothing not permitted includes bathing suits, halter tops, miniskirts, sleeveless garments and revealing shorts.

Federal inmates are guaranteed a minimum of four hours of visiting time per month, and in most cases they receive more. The amount of visiting time depends on the inmate’s visiting history and the number of total visits on that particular day.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons expects visits to be quiet and orderly, since many people are typically in the prison visiting room at one time. Physical contact between the inmate and his visitors is limited, but typically hugs, handshakes and modest kisses are permitted at the beginning and end of the visit. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reserves the right to limit physical contact based on security concerns.

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