What Is Free Inmate Release Data?


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Inmate release data is the release information of an individual incarcerated inside a state or a federal prison. A state's Department of Corrections or the Federal Bureau of Prisons makes this data public on their official websites through the Public Records Act. The law varies from state to state.

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Most states include the inmate release data along with the other limited information on the inmate that is available to the public. A quick search using a state's inmate search tool, usually found on a state's Department of Corrections website, allows users to access information about the inmate, including the inmate's location, type of offense, duration of sentence and tentative release date. If the inmate's name is not in the state prison's website, the person may be incarcerated in a federal prison or a county jail, or under parole supervision.

Some states, such as Florida, operate a separate inmate release search tool. The Florida Department of Corrections' site allows online users to search release information going back to October 1997. Although the site accepts the last name of the inmate, users may use other information, such as the inmate's prisoner number, race, sex, hair color and weight and height range, to narrow down the search.

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