How Do You Find an Inmate in Florida?


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The easiest way to find an inmate in Florida is to use the Inmate Population Information Search tool provided by the Florida Department of Corrections. This tool is used to locate an inmate that is currently in the Florida prison system, but not those that are on probation or parole.

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To use the Inmate Population Information Search tool individuals need either the name of the inmate or the inmate's DC number. Any additional identifying information, such as age range, hair or eye color, race and gender, can also be entered to find inmates. Users can also enter the county of commitment, the inmate's current location and the offense category to narrow search results.

If no search results are found it could mean one of six different things. The inmate could have been released on probation or parole, and would need to be located using the Supervised Population Information Search tool. The inmate could have also been released after serving his sentence, which could be found by using the Inmate Release Information Search tool. Inmates may also be incarcerated in a county jail, a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility or be incarcerated in another state. Entering the wrong identifying information could also result in no search results being found.

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