What Is an Injunction Hearing?

An injunction hearing is held in court before a judge to determine if a plaintiff should be awarded an interim or permanent injunction against the defendant's activities, as stated by The Myler Law Firm. Injunctions may be used to stop the sale of certain products or to award a long-term restraining order against the defendant.

The court system uses an injunction hearing to review evidence provided by the plaintiff and defendant about the injunction. The plaintiff must show that harm is being done by the defendant and that he is likely to win an ongoing lawsuit, if one is in progress, according to The Myler Law Firm. The plaintiff must also show that harm caused by the injunction is not greater than harm being caused by the defendant. Courts also take into account whether the injunction violates public policy, such as being asked to enforce terms of a contract that violate state law.

During an injunction hearing, the burden is on the plaintiff to provide evidence, including text messages, emails, contracts, police reports and witness testimony, as stated by Abuse Intervention.