How Do You Initiate an Action to Quiet Title?


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To initiate an action to quiet title, you need to file a complaint with the court, as well as a notice of pendency action, that describes how your title was obtained and the facts supporting your claim, explains Legal Match. Also name adverse claims to the title that you're claiming.

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How Do You Initiate an Action to Quiet Title?
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The right to possession and ownership of a piece of property is called the title to that property, and if you're looking to initiate an action for quiet title, it means you need to settle a title dispute, said Legal Match. Title disputes arise when there are conflicting claims of ownership in a piece of property. This happens when there is a recording problem, such as the failure to clear title after a mortgage has been paid; an error in the description of the property that disputes how much of the property is actually owned; or an easement on the property that has been in existence for years but never recorded.

A quite title action establishes title to the property and determines who the legal owners are, says Legal Match. An action for quiet title may also resolve other issues that exist between the parties and the property in dispute, and the court has the ability to hear other motions to resolve all issues, explains Legal Match.

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