What Are Some Informative Articles About the Consequences of Texting While Driving?


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The 2014 article ?The Dangerous Psychology of Texting While Driving? describes the addictive behavior linked to distracted driving, according to Fox News. The informational page ?Distracted Driving? provides statistical data about the risks of multitasking behind the wheel, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states.

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?The Dangerous Psychology of Texting While Driving? largely draws from an AT&T-sponsored study, which reported that more than 90 percent of surveyed drivers continually choose to text and drive, despite full awareness of the risks, Fox News explains. The article evaluates texting and driving, suggesting that drivers justify harmful behavior by willfully distorting their own perception. For example, drivers convince themselves they are protected from danger because of their superior multitasking skills. In reality, drivers trick their own brains by relying on false assumptions that there aren?t any obstacles on the road, and they are monitoring traffic sufficiently to react to sudden changes.

?Distracted Driving? discusses how texting incorporates the three most common forms of driver distraction: looking away from the road, taking hands off the wheel and shifting mental focus, according to the CDC. The article reports that more than 1,153 people are injured annually in accidents caused by texting and other distractions. The data also suggests drivers under age 20 face the highest risk of fatality in distraction-related crashes. Research indicates that young people who text while driving are more likely to engage in other harmful behaviors, such as traveling with other drivers who drink or text behind the wheel.

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