What Information Do You Typically Need to Get a Fire Burning Permit?


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When applying for a fire burning permit, information needed includes the name and contact information for the person responsible for the burn. Additionally, the type of material being burned must be disclosed.

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Applications for fire burning permits differ by location. Some states, such as Maine, allow residents to obtain burning permits online, while others, such as California, prefer their residents to contact their local fire company with any questions regarding applications or restrictions. Heavily wooded areas are controlled by the state's forestry commission and may require specific stipulations in order to obtain and use a burn permit.

Burn permits are only good for specified hours. Many towns restrict burning times to between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m., except when grounds are snow covered; in that situation, daytime burns are acceptable. Only dry brush may be burned in piles no wider than four feet in diameter with 10 feet worth of clearance surrounding it. A water source must always be available, and the burn must be supervised by an adult.

The use of burn permits depends on the current weather forecast and the class of the day. Class one and two days present low and moderate fire danger, respectively, and are preferred burning days. Class three days are high fire danger, class four very high and class five, extreme. No burning is permitted on class three through five days.

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