What Information Is Typically on a Certificate of Compliance Form?


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Information on a certificate of compliance forms includes detailed information about the product the company is certifying, a citation of the safety regulations for the product, and the mailing address and phone number of the product's manufacturer, as stated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The production date and place of production are also on the certificate. A certificate of compliance is also referred to as a certificate of conformance, the Business Dictionary notes.

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Certificates of conformance or compliance are documents that certify a supplied service or good meets the specifications as set by the industry that regulates that particular product, according to the Business Dictionary.

If the product's manufacturer has more than one location, the certificate must note the address of the product's manufacturing location, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says. The certificate also includes the identification of any third-party laboratory that provides the certification of the product. This is only required for products made for intended use around or by children. Some manufacturers may voluntarily have products tested by third-party laboratories even when products are not designed for use around children. If that is the case, the manufacturer must note the laboratory's contact information on the certificate.

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