How Do You Find Information on Social Security and Medicaid?


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You can find information on Social Security at the official website of the Social Security Administration, SSA.gov, and you can find information on Medicaid at the official website for Medicaid services, Medicaid.gov. On this website, you can search by policy and program topic to find the information you seek.

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The Medicaid website offers information on the program's eligibility requirements, the benefits you can receive and the quality of care. The website also explains how each state delivers the Medicaid program to its residents and how the program is financed. Prospective applicants can also learn how to apply for coverage.

The Social Security Administration's website offers the chance to learn about the services and benefits offered. You can also use the retirement estimator to calculate your potential future retirement benefits. Topics are broken down by items of interest, allowing you to learn details about your Social Security number, check your application status, find out about local office closings and download a variety of forms needed to apply for or continue using various services and benefits.

The Social Security website also has a limited amount of information regarding Medicaid, so you may find information about both programs on one website, depending on the type of information you are looking for.

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