What Information Should You Include in a Victim Impact Statement?

A victim impact statement includes a description of the physical and emotional damage caused by the crime, the financial costs incurred by the victim, and the medical treatments required for him or his family, states the National Center for Victims of Crime. The statement may also describe the victim's views on the crime and appropriate sentencing.

Victim impact statements, which courts use to aid the decision-making process leading to sentencing, describe the impact of a crime on all areas of a victim's life. Other than descriptions of physical, financial and emotional damage, the statement describes the need for restitution, reports the National Center for Victims of Crime. The statement describes how the crime affected the victim and his relationship with his family and friends. It also describes remedies, such as counseling, that the victim has taken, states Arlington Courts and Judicial Services.

A victim impact statement describes the changes that have occurred to the victim as a result of the crime and his ability to work and enjoy other activities that he partook in prior to the commission of the crime. It includes evidence of property loss or damage, lost income and unreimbursed bills. The statement includes the signature of the victim but excludes his address and phone number, notes Arlington Courts and Judicial Services.