What Information Should You Include in a Character Reference for Immigration Purposes?

Essential information to provide in a character reference letter for immigration purposes includes the author's immigration status, his relationship with the recipient and how long he and the applicant have known each other, according to The Law Office of Tanya M. Lee. The letter should also include the author's contact details.

A character reference letter primarily serves as a supporting document that provides critical information about the character of the person applying for an immigration benefit, states The Law Office of Tanya M. Lee. Providing evidence of a person's good moral character for a citizenship application is a common situation that calls for a strong character reference letter.

The letter may include details about the applicant's participation in volunteer events, religious activities or charitable organizations; anecdotes regarding the individual's efforts to help people; or stories that demonstrate the person's reliability, says the Law Office of Tanya M. Lee. It can also explain a particular financial or emotional difficulty the author may experience if the immigration benefit application is denied.

A character reference letter is an essential document that significantly affects the decision of a consular or immigration officer, notes The Law Office of Tanya M. Lee. Past employers, officers of an organization where the immigration benefit applicant belongs, relatives and friends who are U.S. citizens are recommended authors for the letter.