What Information Is Required to Fill Out an Australian Proof-of-Age Card Application Form?


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Each state or territory within the country of Australia issues its own proof-of-age cards and has its own application, states the Australian Government. Australian proof-of-age cards are a form of government identification.

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Requirements for proof-of-age card applications vary such that, in South Australia, the applicants have to provide three identifying documents, while Victorian applicants are only required to provide two documents, and Western Australian driver's license holders are not required to provide full proof of identity, according to their government websites. South Australia and Western Australia's applications are available on their government websites, while the government of Victoria requires applicants to request applications by mail or pick them up in person, according to its website.

In Victoria, the proof-of-age card application requires the applicant to supply his identifying information, have a referee and an authorized person verify the applicant's documentation of his identity, sign the application, and have his photograph taken at a photo point agency, according to the State Government of Victoria. The application process for a proof-of-age card in South Australia is to present identifying documents and an application at a government customer service center and have a photograph taken there, as well, states the Government of South Australia.

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