What Information Is Required in an Eviction Letter?


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An eviction letter contains the name, badge number, address and telephone number of the serving officer, the court name and county that issues the notice, the index number and title of the order, a brief description and address of the rooms or building complex where a tenant is to be evicted, date of notice and corresponding eviction dates and a boldface statement specifying that the letter is an eviction notice. A notice of eviction also provides pertinent information for military dependents, senior citizens or those who require legal aid, as stated by the New York City Housing Court.

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In legal parlance, an eviction letter is commonly referred to as a marshal's notice or a notice of eviction. Before a court issues a warrant of eviction, a notice of eviction is served to the individual to be ousted from a certain premises, either personally or through mail service. The notice serves as sufficient warning for a respondent to act accordingly and take appropriate measures.

A marshal or a sheriff are the serving officers of a notice of eviction. The manner of delivery is specified in the notice, as well the date of notice, which is the same as the date of serving the letter to the respondent or immediately after. The notice also includes instructions on where and how to obtain a stay order from a court, which stops the eviction process upon compliance of certain conditions.

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