What Information Is Requested on Citizenship Application Form N-600?


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Form N-600, the Application for Certificate of Citizenship, asks for personally identifying information and eligibility for citizenship, which requires current and former names as well as immigration history, explains Nolo.The form also requests information about the applicant's parents.

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The first part of form N-600 requires the applicant to state if he is the biological or adopted child of a U.S. citizen, according to Nolo. The second part requests personal information such as immigration status and marital status for applicants over 18. If the application is for an adopted child, the parents must submit proof of the adoption.

Applicants claiming they acquired citizenship at birth through a parent must fill out the fifth part of the application, which requests information on the dates the parent resided in the United States, notes Nolo. If a parent served in the military, the applicant may use the dates of military service.

The government often requests additional documentation, states Nolo. For example, the applicant must submit two passport-quality photos and the birth certificates of citizen parents. If the applicant claims citizenship based on the status of his father but was born out-of-wedlock, the government requests proof of paternity from both a DNA test result and a birth certificate with the father's name on it.

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