What Information Do You Have to Provide to Visit an Inmate in Los Angeles County?


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To visit an inmate in California State Prison, Los Angeles County, or LAC, applicants must provide the name and identity number of the inmate, their own personal and contact information, and details of any criminal arrests and convictions. If information is incorrect or missing, the prison may deny the application.

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Applicants to visit inmates at LAC must provide their name, age, gender, birthplace and number of an approved type of personal identification. They must also give contact information such as their home address and phone number. If they have been arrested, convicted or detained for a felony in the past, they must provide details of the offense, the time and place it happened, and the disposition. Once the application is submitted, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation runs a background check on the applicant, and any arrest or conviction missing from the form is grounds for denial. Arrests must be listed even if the charges were dismissed.

To initiate an application, the inmate obtains the questionnaire, signs it and sends it to a potential visitor. The inmate's signature shows that the inmate approves of having the applicant on his visiting list. The applicant mails the form to the prison official in charge of visits. If the application is approved, prison officials notify the inmate, and the inmate has the responsibility of notifying the visitor. If the application is disapproved, the prison notifies the applicant of the reasons for the disapproval.

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