What Information Does the Ontario Disability Support Program Application Ask About?


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The Ontario Disability Support program application asks about the applicant’s health condition and financial standing. It also asks how the applicant’s impairment impacts his ability to perform daily activities and participate in the community.

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In order to complete the Ontario Disability Support program application, an applicant must provide his health report. The Ontario Disability Support program application needs this information to determine whether the applicant’s medical condition meets the program’s definition of a disabled person. It asks about disabilities, duration, restrictions and prognosis. To qualify for the program, the applicant needs to have a major mental or physical impairment that is recurrent or continuous and is expected to last at least one year.

Furthermore, the applicant needs to demonstrate that his impairment is directly related to a significant restriction in his ability to work, take care of himself and participate in community life. Healthcare professionals, such as physicians, optometrists and psychologists, are qualified to prepare the Activities of Daily Living Index and the Health Status Report. Healthcare professionals also need to submit supplementary documents, such as clinical notes and functional assessments, that help describe the applicant’s disability and how it affects him. The healthcare professionals have to sign the reports.

In addition, the Ontario Disability Support program application asks for the applicant’s signed Consent to Release of Medical Information. The application requires applicants to supply original forms and supporting information. Finally, it requests information about the applicant’s household costs, assets and income.

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