What Information Is Needed in Order to Claim Disability Benefits?

What Information Is Needed in Order to Claim Disability Benefits?

Disability benefits can be claimed by filling out the online form at the Social Security's website, with details about an individual's medical condition, personal information, Social Security number and employment details being required to make a claim. Claiming online is generally a faster process, meaning access to disability funds can be granted more quickly than with a traditional application.

Additional documents are often required to prove eligibility for a claim, and these include:

  • Medical evidence that support a claim and confirm the applicant's medical condition. This can include a doctor's report, test results and medical records.
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Proof of worker benefits that may have been received, including settlement agreements or pay stubs.
  • Military discharge papers, if in the military before 1968
  • Self-employment tax returns, or W-2 forms dependent on which is applicable to the individual

The above documents can either be dropped into a Social Security office or mailed.

Social Security services also offer a disability checklist on the website that can be referenced to provide information on what details need to be supplied to the organization, as well as giving further details on the benefits that the applicant may be eligible for.

Applications can also be made directly in Social Security offices, or over the telephone.