What Information Is Needed for an Inmate Visitation Application?


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Information needed for an inmate visitation application varies by state but includes details such as a full legal name, Social Security number and date of birth, according to the Virginia Department of Corrections. The application also includes information about the inmate who is the subject of the visitation.

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Visitors submit information for a background check before being allowed visitation privileges, explains the Arizona Department of Corrections. Many applications include a background check fee in addition to answers to the questions on the application itself.

While a criminal history does not automatically disqualify prospective visitors from seeing an inmate, the nature of the crime and date it occurred have an impact on whether the correctional facility accepts an application, notes the Florida Department of Corrections. In Florida, a visitor is required to be discharged from community supervision for at least one year before visiting an inmate.

Some correctional facilities allow only one visitor per inmate outside of immediate family, according to the Virginia Department of Corrections. Virginia requires information about a prospective visitor's vehicle, driver's license or identification number and current mailing address. Visitors state whether they are bringing any minors with them to the visit, and minors are required to fill out a separate application. This application includes the minor's full legal name, the last four digits of his Social Security number and date of birth.

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