What Information Is Needed on a Housing Authority Application?


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Information needed on a housing authority application includes personal information on the proposed residents, their present location, their financial situation, contact information of former landlords, and contact information of employers and other relevant authorities. The applicant also needs to provide documentation to support all information given.

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Applicants must provide information on each person who would be living in the housing, including age, gender and relationship to the head of the household. Individuals or families must provide their current address and telephone number so they can be informed of their application acceptance, possible inclusion on a waiting list or refusal. Housing authority representatives request contact information of present and previous landlords to communicate with them about the applicant's past history as a tenant. Applicants provide information about their present and proposed income to determine if they fall within the lower or very low income limits of housing eligibility. The housing authority requests contact information on employers, financial institutions and other agencies or organizations the applicant deals with to follow up on and verify details in the application.

Although the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the overall administrator of the Public Housing Program, local housing authorities and HUD field offices manage public housing in individual counties and metropolitan areas. Applications must be in writing and filled out by the applicant or an assisting housing authority representative.

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