What Information Is Needed to Complete Form SF-180?


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The basic information applicants need to fill out a Standard Form-180 form, Request Pertaining to Military Records, includes a veteran's full name, Social Security number, and date and place of birth. The form also requires the veteran's service branch, service number, the date entered and released from military service and status as an officer or enlisted personnel.

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The SF-180 is used by a military veteran or the authorized representative or family of a deceased veteran, to request the veteran’s military records from the National Archives and Records Administration. The SF-180 also requires a description of the military records requested, such as the DD Form 214, military medical records or other records, which must be specified. The requester also must indicate the purpose for obtaining the military records, such as benefits, employment, medical or genealogy.

Requesters must provide the address to which the military records should be returned, and the SF-180 must be signed by either the veteran or the authorized representative. The SF-180 can be downloaded from the National Archives and Records Administration website, and the completed form can be mailed back or faxed.

Veterans or their representatives can obtain a blank SF-180 by contacting the National Personnel Records Center at 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO 63138, as of January 2016.

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