What Information Do You Need to Search for Parole Status Online?

Searching for parole status online typically requires the parolee's full name, state ID number or inmate number assigned by the state's Department of Corrections. The specific information needed to verify an individual's parole status depends on the state in which that person became eligible for parole.

Finding information about a person's parole status can be helpful for the offender's family as well as any victims of crimes committed by the parolee. Some states, such as Illinois, also allow people to look up information about people who are currently incarcerated. This type of online search gives families and victims information about when the prisoner can expect to be eligible for parole.

Parole is a program offered by each state's Department of Corrections that allows prisoners to earn an early release based on a number of variables. Since parole is conditional, the parolee has to abide by a specific set or rules during the duration of the parole. Parolees may be required to get a job, stay at home when not working and attend a substance abuse rehabilitation program. Committing any type of crime can result in parole being revoked, which means that the person might be required to finish the term of the initial sentence in prison.