What Information Do You Need to Perform an OTIS Prison Inmate Search?

The Offender Tracking Information System requires an inmate's last name or Michigan Department of Corrections number if the inmate is an active offender currently detained in an MDOC-managed facility. No additional information is required if searching for paroled or probationary absconders. Just select the correct offender status and click search.

The OTIS site also allows people to search for an inmate by scars, tattoos and other identifying marks. Type in a word or a two-word phrase for OTIS to find a prisoner or all prisoners that match the description.

OTIS matches and narrows down the search depending on the given information. If the user enters only the last name of the inmate, OTIS shows all the inmates with the same last name. Providing the inmate's MDOC number generates the most accurate information, as each inmate has a unique prison ID. Users may filter the search for paroled or probationary absconders by including the last name of the offender or by providing at least the first three letters of the last name followed by an asterisk.

The MDOC contains information about active offenders, probationers, parolees and released prisoners that are within the three-year supervision discharge date. The OTIS does not provide information about inmates beyond the supervised three-year period or individuals who are arrested and convicted but have yet to be sentenced. The MDOC handles only state prisons and does not post information about inmates in city and county jails.