What Information Do You Need to Fill Out a Divorce Decree?


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A judge fills out a divorce decree, rather than either party in a divorce, and it typically contains information related to the distribution of property, spousal support, child custody and the disposition of any financial obligations that exist, according to LegalMatch. Divorce decrees also contain basic clerical information, such as a case number, the date the decree takes effect and the names of each party.

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Divorce decrees vary, but they generally contain a summary of each party's rights and responsibilities, and once the court issues a decree, it is usually the final action in a divorce proceeding, notes LegalMatch. People who want to change the terms of a divorce decree must appeal legal errors or ask the court to modify the decree's terms relating to issues such as child support or visitation rights. Courts generally do not modify a decree in cases where either party disputes the division of property.

A divorce decree is not the same as a divorce certificate, states LegalZoom. A judge issues and signs a decree, while a state statistics bureau or health department issues a certificate. A divorce certificate contains less information than a decree, usually bearing just the names of the divorced parties and the location and date the divorce was finalized. Divorced spouses commonly use a divorce certificate as legal proof for situations such as changing a last name on a driver's license.

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