What Information Do You Need to Fill in an NFPA 25 Inspection Form?

What Information Do You Need to Fill in an NFPA 25 Inspection Form?

NFPA Form 25 requires information pertaining to wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. Information is needed about inspection, testing and maintenance of wet pipe sprinkler systems.

The first area of this form has three parts. The first part requires information about the property. This information includes the building name, address, city and contact person. The next part requires the license number of the SFM or CSLB. The following part requires contact information about the contractor or licensed owner, as well as a job number.

The next section of the form requires annual information about the sprinkler system, which includes riser number, location, riser diameter, main drain diameter, initial static pressure, residual pressure, final static pressure and whether or not each of these passes, fails or does not apply. If the building has more than five risers, an additional form must be attached.

The third section of the form requires five-year inspection, testing and maintenance information. There are several parts of the sprinkler system listed in this section, each of which has an I, T, or M next to it. These three letters indicate whether an inspection, test or maintenance should be done to each part of the system. Also included in this section is a NFPA 25 reference number, date, comments and whether each part passes, fails or does not apply.

The last section of NFPA Form 25 is used to list deficiencies and comments about each riser. It should be noted what equipment, devices or parts were repaired or replaced. The signature line at the bottom of the form acknowledges that the signer certifies that all equipment is fully functional unless otherwise noted in the previous section above.