What Information Do You Need to Complete the China Visa Application Form V2011A?


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Visa Application Form V2011A is divided into seven sections, according to the Chinese Embassy in the United States. For example, section one is entitled Personal Information and requires the applicant's full English name, current and former nationalities, place of birth, occupation and passport number, among other personal details.

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Section two of the application is entitled Travel Information, advises the Chinese Embassy. Applicants must list the purpose and duration of the visit, details about the applicant's local contact information in China, how the trip will be financed and whether or not the applicant has medical insurance. If so, the health insurance company's name and the applicant's account number with the company are required.

In section three, applicants must disclose details about family members and provide current school and work contact information. The applicant's current home address and telephone number are also required in section three, instructs the Chinese Embassy.

Information about the applicant's previous visits to China and other countries, criminal record and potential exposure to infectious diseases is covered in section four. Applicants must also list the specific date, place and purpose of previous visits to China, details the Chinese Embassy.

Section five of the application identifies the special circumstances where Supplementary Visa Application Form V2011B is required, explains the Chinese Embassy. Section five also provides a free form area to add information about the visa application that is not addressed in the other sections.

Section six is for the applicant's signature and the date the application is signed. Section seven is for the signature of the person who assists the applicant, instructs the Chinese Embassy.

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