What Information Do You Need to Apply for Unemployment Insurance?


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Required information to apply for unemployment insurance includes documentation about the person’s identity, previous employment and proof of the reason for being fired or quitting. Different states have additional eligibility requirements and necessary documentation for the application.

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In most states, the basic eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance benefits are the same. This includes being partially or totally unemployed, previously having a job that earned enough wages to establish a claim, not being at fault for being unemployed, being available to work and being physically able to work. The Employment Development Department, or EDD, contacts the most recent employer before deciding whether or not benefits are given to the person applying, so the applicant must give the employer information.

Quitting a job by choice without it being the fault of the company or related issues is not typically a good enough reason to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits. In many cases, only people who are laid off from a job qualify. Each local EDD has its own specifications in regards to being fired or quitting a job and getting benefits.

Some EDDs also require the applicants to show that they are trying to find a job, including providing lists of the companies where they have applied or had interviews. The applicant might also need to supply the contact person’s name and phone number in order to verify the interviews. Some training is also required.

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