How Do You Find Information About Local Elections?


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Vote411 provides information about local elections, as well as elections at the state and national levels. The site provides information about when elections take place, what politicians are running for which positions, the political parties of those politicians as well as their voting records and positions on key issues.

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How Do You Find Information About Local Elections?
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Vote411 also has information about what the user's electoral district is, the location of her designated polling place and what identification her state requires to vote on election day. The site also maintains an election day hot line which answers voters' questions and reports any problems they encounter at the polls.

The site also gives users information on voter registration. Voters with an existing registration can use the site to verify that their registration status is up to date. Unregistered citizens old enough to vote can use Vote411 to register for voting. In states that permit electronic voter registrations, users can register to vote directly from the Vote411 website. In those states that require that citizens submit paper voting applications, Vote411 provides printable copies of those applications.

Vote411 also links to every state's information about absentee and early voting. Absentee and early voting requirements and permissions vary greatly across the United States, so Vote411 provides links to each state government's website instead of attempting to host all of that information itself.

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