What Information Is on a Last Will and Testament Form?

A template for a last will and testament includes sections for distribution of property after death and designates individuals to carry out the terms, according to Rocket Lawyer. The template should also include the individual's name, address and contact information.

A last will and testament form provides a format that is easy-to-use to make sure all assets are properly distributed following a person's death, Rocket Lawyer explains. The form should include a space for witnesses to sign along with a clause of authenticity. If the person has children under the age of 18, the form should have a section that outlines the care of the children, along with the name and contact information of the chosen custodians of the children. There should also be an area for information about any trusts established for the children, along with a named trustee.

The last will and testament form should have a section describing the process for disbursement or sale of how assets, and it should name the person appointed as executor. Many last will templates include clauses that outline how to reduce asset or financial distributions to individuals if the medical, funeral and other debt costs are higher than the amounts outlined in the will, Law Depot notes.