How Do You Find Information About Inmates in Texas State Prisons?

Information about inmates in Texas state prisons is available on the website of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the agency responsible for managing inmates in state jails, state prisons and private correctional facilities. TDJC also oversees the supervision of offenders released from prison on mandatory supervision or on parole.

To find information about inmates currently in custody of a Texas state prison, visit the TDJC's homepage and click Offender Search under Quick Links. On the Offender Information Search, provide the required fields, including the last name of the offender and at least the first letter of the offender's first name. The inmate's TDJC number or state ID may also be used. The TDJC site provides various information, including the inmate's full name, gender, the current facility in which the inmate is detained and the inmate's offense history. While the information details include the parole eligibility date and projected release date of an inmate, this information is subject to change and the TDJC encourages the family of the inmate to contact the state prison prior to picking up an inmate.

Only inmates currently incarcerated inside a Texas state prison are included in the TDJC inmate roster. The information details are updated every 24 hours from Monday through Friday. If the offender is not included in the searched list, he may be detained in a federal prison, another state correctional facility or a county or court jail.