How Do You Find Information About Inmates of Federal Prisons?

The official website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides an online inmate locator allowing the public to search for offenders incarcerated in federal prisons and correctional facilities across the United States. The locator has data on federal inmates imprisoned from 1982 to the present, as of 2015.

To find information about inmates of federal prisons, visit and select Find an Inmate under Inmates on the top menu. The online inmate locator allows users to search for inmates by number or by name. If searching by number, you may need to provide the inmate's BOP, District of Columbia Department of Corrections or FBI number. The inmate's full name is required when searching by name. If the page displays several names, filter the list by including the inmate's race, age and sex.

The BOP shows only an inmate's basic information, including register number, current age and date of release if the inmate has already been released from the BOP's custody. The locator also shows an inmate's tentative date of release and a link to the BOP facility currently holding the inmate. The site also provides information on ways to visit, call or send money to an inmate.

Not everyone who has records in the BOP is a convict or detained due to federal charges. Individuals held for civil contempt, who have served as a material witness or who were incarcerated pre-trial but with dismissed criminal charges may have records in the BOP inmate locator facility.