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The Indian Trust is under the management of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The trust serves to take care of native land in the United States reserved for individual Indians and Indian tribes, according to Washington LawHelp.

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Among the benefits of living on trust land on an individual's own reservation is that there are a number of state and local by-laws that do not apply to the person occupying the land. For example, Indians who live on trust land on their own reservations don’t need permission from the authorities to establish businesses at home or to pay property tax to the state or other local authority, as Washington LawHelp explains.

The Indian Trust allows the Federal Government to make productive use of trust land through economic activities such as agriculture, mining, oil and gas production as well as through the issuance of grazing leases. Proceeds from economic activities carried out on trust land are collected and deposited into Individual Indian Money accounts for the benefit of the individual Indians, according to the Indian Trust Settlement website.

The Indian Trust, as the U.S. Department of Interior relates, also seeks financial empowerment of American-Indians. The Department of Interior does this by providing an online training program aimed at imparting financial skills to youth. It does this in partnership with the First Nation’s Development Institute.

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