What Information Is Included in 411.ca Search Results?

What Information Is Included in 411.ca Search Results?

A reverse phone number search on 411.ca provides the name and address of the person assigned to the number, while a reverse address search works similarly for addresses. 411.ca tries to return as much information regarding residential listings of people in Canada as possible based on the information supplied.

The 411.ca search allows users to search for individuals by name or phone number.

To perform a standard search, simply enter part or all of a last name, the full initial and last name, the first name and last name, or the phone number if known. The most effective searches are ones that use a last name and only a first initial. This decreases the chances of spelling mistakes.

If a compound name fails to return results, try removing the space from between the names or adding a hyphen to join them. If the name still does not appear, try using only the first four letters of the last name.

For a reverse address search, enter the house number and street name, the city, province and postal code of the address. If no results are found, the address may be too specific; remove the street type or remove the directional indicators from the street name.