How Do You Find Information About the Florida State Government?


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To find information about the Florida state government, visit Florida's Division of Library and Information Services, and browse through the database of government information. The database contains information on state government bodies, state resources, laws and regulations, and contacts of representatives.

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Florida's Department of State maintains the Division of Library and Information Services, which manages the state's library and archives, directs record management services and stores Florida's information resources. Visitors of the online portal can access information on state government bodies like the governor's office, the Senate, the Florida government organizational chart, and state agency addresses. The portal also contains information on Florida statutes, House and Senate bills, and city governments. Users can browse through these categories, search the portal or mail their queries to the Department of State.

Alternatively, you can find information about the Florida state government by visiting the Official Portal of the State of Florida and selecting Government. The portal contains information on government branches, the local government and state officials. The portal also maintains information on government programs, state resources, taxes, and regional councils and districts. Users can also learn about the Florida Constitution and the legislative process from the portal. The portal also maintains a platform dedicated to children's civic education.

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