What Information Does the FCC Database Provide?


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The FCC database, the EDOCS, allows individuals to search daily diary entries for FCC documents that were posted to the FCC website since March of 1996. Individuals can also search document indexes, menu reports, electronic filing and public access, filed comments, FCC ID number searches and TV station public files.

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The Federal Communications Commission is the department that regulates international and interstate communications that are done by wire, satellite, radio, television and cable in all 50 states, U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. The FCC is an independent government agency that Congress oversees, and is the commission that is the primary authority for regulating communications law and technological innovation and growth.

There is a variety of information available for the public to inspect through the different FCC databases, including information regarding television stations. The FCC has rules that require broadcasting stations to keep a public file that contains information regarding each station's service to the community it's licensed to serve in, as well as information regarding any political time sold or given away. Broadcasting stations must also file information regarding the ownership of the station as well as any active applications the station continues to file with the FCC.

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