What Information Did Bradley Manning Leak?


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The information that Bradley Manning leaked was composed of videos, war logs from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, information regarding Guantanamo Bay detainees, and State Department cables. The information appeared on the website known as WikiLeaks.

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Among the videos that Manning disclosed was one that showed a U.S. Army helicopter firing on over a dozen people, including two Reuters journalists, in an Iraqi suburb. It was of concern because of the potential of disclosing military tactics, and the perception of indiscriminate killing. The war logs disclosed that there were many more civilian casualties than the United States had previously reported; leading to the general mistrust that government was not telling the complete story relative to casualties. Although the information regarding Guantanamo detainees did not have as great an impact because much of it had already been publicly released, the release of State Department cables was the most damaging due to the diplomatic fallout their release caused, resulting in nations being hesitant to share intelligence or work with the United States.

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