How Do You Find Information on Civil Court Cases?

Individuals can find information on civil court cases by visiting the state's government website and searching for cases by name or case number, states the Virginia and Arizona court websites. Some websites also allow individuals to search the court calendar, rather than individual cases.

Civil court cases are complaints that one party, the plaintiff, files to the court against another party, the defendant, according to the United States Courts website. The complaints typically list the damages, as well as the compensation or action that the plaintiff is seeking.

Both parties are given time to prepare their evidence, as well as time to settle out of court. Mediation and arbitration are often used to encourage dispute resolution prior to a court hearing. If no settlement is made, the parties will either go before a judge, or a judge and a jury. To find information on civil court cases:

  1. Access the court website
  2. Most states offer court information on their state's government websites.

  3. Click on the civil case tab
  4. Site navigation varies, but many government websites offer a link to Case Status and Information or Civil Cases, according to the Virginia and Arizona court websites.

  5. Enter case information
  6. Search for cases by the name or case number, depending on the website. Or view the court calendar for a full list of upcoming cases.