How Do You Find Information on Candidates for Georgia Elections?


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Information about upcoming Georgia state elections can be found on USElections.com, which keeps track of all state voting information. This includes information about candidates as well as voting locations and times.

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The 2015-2016 Georgia state elections page on USElections.com contains all relevant information, including which candidates are running, what parties they are representing, as well as links to their official campaign websites where more specific information about them and their political stances can be found. Links to individual parties' official websites are also provided. USElections.com also provides a link to the Georgia Secretary of State's website, which provides further assistance to voters by listing which public officers are elected and when, as well as a list of qualified candidates sorted by districts. It also lists old lists of candidates, going back to 2013 elections.

Basic identifying and contact information is included, as well as a link to official candidate websites. Voters can also use this site to register to vote and check the status of their voter registration.

The website also keeps voters up to date on which elections are coming up, and the deadlines to register by. As of July 2015, these election dates are May 2016 for the State Primary, July 2016 for the Primary Run-Off, and December 2016 for the General Run-Off (if necessary). The filing deadlines are March 2016 for major parties, August 2016 for minor parties and independents, and September 2016 for write-in candidates.

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