What Information Can You Learn From the Seminole County Property Appraiser?


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SCPAFL.org provides detailed information about properties in Seminole County including property owner, parcel number, address, appraised values of buildings and land, and maps of the property. Other information available includes building footprints, lot size, property sales records, building materials information and building permits.

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SCPAFL.org is an excellent source for finding a variety of information about real estate in Seminole County. The website offers a basic search function and a more customizable advanced search function. The advanced search map feature provides a tremendous amount of detail about Seminole County land uses, infrastructure and lots. The advanced search feature lets users explore a map and easily find details about multiple properties without having to know the address of each property. Users can customize the map to show different layers such as roads, schools, owner names, vacant lots and tax districts in addition to parks, lot zoning, ZIP codes and much more. Users can search the map by address or property owner to find specific lots. The map includes measuring tools and customizable buffers so users can explore the distance relationships among lots. Users can add lots from the map to a list and then customize the list to compare specific data points for multiple lots. Users can download the lists they create to save or analyze the data further.

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