What Information Can You Find in the Government's Website?

What Information Can You Find in the Government's Website?

The U.S. federal government's website features an A-to-Z index of the government agencies and elected officials with their contact information, as well as details on various services offered by the government. Usa.gov is the U.S. government’s official web portal, which offers information by topic and agency.

The website contains information on benefits, grants and loans provided by the government as financial assistance. Additionally, users can access a list of government resources, such as real estate, and merchandise available for auction, along with information about bids and purchases.

The website offers resources on immigration, citizenship and international travel, and it features a list of job openings, apprenticeship or volunteer programs. Users can access contact information for all the government agencies, from the White House and U.S Congress to the state level, as well as many local groups.

The website also contains information on how to get or renew a passport and general information about visiting the United States. Other information includes resources on health insurance, nutrition and food safety, along with housing and mortgages.

The USA.gov site is an inter-agency initiative administered by the Federal Citizen Information Center. It provides trusted, timely and valuable government information and services, and users may opt in for an email newsletter.