What Information Can Be Found on a Navy Officer Insignia Chart?


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The Navy Officer insignia chart on the U.S. Navy website includes the rank, proper rank abbreviation and pay grade of a given insignia. It also includes illustrations of the collar, shoulder and sleeve insignia for each rank, as well as the locations of each rank device on various uniforms.

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Rank insignia and devices vary by rank and type of uniform. When officers wear khaki working uniforms, they display their ranks on pins on their collars. When officers wear blues, they wear stripes sewn on the lower sleeve. When wearing bridge coats, reefers or whites, Navy officers button shoulder boards onto the top of the uniform shoulder. Navy officers wear collar devices on the right side of the garrison cap except for miniature officers' crests, which they wear on the left side of the cap.

For example, Navy captains wear silver eagle pins on their khaki uniform collars, shoulder boards with four thick yellow bars and one yellow star on their whites, bridge coats and reefers, and the same bars and star on the sleeve of their blue uniforms.

Navy warrant officers use different insignia and rank devices. Visitors scroll to the bottom of the Navy Officer insignia chart on the U.S. Navy website to view the rank, pay grade and abbreviation associated with particular warrant officer insignia.

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