What Information Can Be Found at the Dallas Social Security Office?

What Information Can Be Found at the Dallas Social Security Office?

At the Dallas Social Security office, people can meet with workers to learn about or obtain Social Security cards or proof of benefits letters, change of address or direct deposit. Workers help people apply for retirement or disability benefits, spouses' and children's benefits and extra help for prescription drug costs.

The Dallas office provides information and services for recipients and employers, including information about returning to work or applying for Medicare or Supplemental Security Income. The Dallas region of the Social Security Administration includes Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Social Security administration employees who help people start working or keep working are listed with contact information at Social Security's Dallas website. They are called "area work incentive coordinators," and they process disability work-issue cases and perform public outreach on incentives to work.

The Dallas region website has a list of services for employers, including wage reporting, electronic filing, Social Security Number Verification Service, Social Security number randomization and a section on news for employers. As of 2015, the more than 700,000 employers in the Dallas region can contact the employer-services liaison officer at (816) 936-5657 or by e-mail.

While the brick-and-mortar offices provide many services, a trip can be saved by calling the toll-free number to conduct most Social Security business on the telephone. The national number is (800) 772-1213.