What Information Can You Find on an Enlisted Navy Pay Chart?

Pay rates for Navy enlisted ranks vary by rank and years of service. There are two levels of enlisted ranks: E-1 to E-5 and E-6 to E-9. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service has a complete list of military pay charts at dfas.mil. The latest chart is from January 2015.

Pay ranges from $1,546.83 per month for a sailor with two years of service or less and a rank of E-1 to $7,584.74 per month for a sailor with over 40 years of service and a rank of E-9. In some cases, especially at the lower ranks, pay remains at the same level for sailors with as little as two years or less of service to as much as 40 years of service. For example, a sailor with a rank of E-2 earns the same rate of $1,733.88 for a career spanning less than two years to over 40 years of service.

Other ranks increase incrementally as years of service accumulate. For example, an E-9 earns $4,885.11 per month at 10 years of service, $5,731.41 at 20 years, and $6,878.86 at 30 years, with incremental increases in between. Clearly, promotions help to increase salary rates in the military; remaining at one rank usually means no increase in pay no matter the length of service, especially at the lower ranks.