What Information Can You Find Based on a Street Address?

information-can-based-street-address Credit: James Hardy/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images

A street address can be used to find the property owner's name, the approximate value of the property, a map of the location, a photo of the property (in some cases), property values of adjacent properties and recent sales of homes in the area (if it is a residential property), area crime reports and registered sex offenders residing near the address. Maps based on the address may also reveal area businesses, parks, and churches.

County Clerk and Recorder offices maintain all ownership documents for real estate, and these documents are searchable by street address. Most offices have the search feature available on their websites. Richmond County, New York, is one example. Also, county Tax Assessor offices keep records of taxes assessed and the value placed on the property by the Assessor. Map websites such as Googlemaps and Mapquest reveal a map of the specific address and often identify surrounding businesses and points of interest. Some websites, such as Zillow, reveal recent sales of area homes and also offers a "bird's eye view" or a "street view" photo of the address. The U.S. Department of Justice website offers a search by address for registered sex offenders in the area up to a three mile radius.