What Information Can You Access From Parcel Records?


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Information that can be obtained from parcel records include the real estate taxes that are assessed and paid on the parcel, as well as the current owners of the parcel or property. Parcel numbers are assigned to each piece of property, and information recorded for the property is obtained by searching by the parcel number.

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Other information found in parcel records includes the history of the previous property owners. Every state has different offices that hold parcel records as well as the information that can be found in parcel records. For example, in New Hampshire residents can search parcel records to find property maps that outline landmarks, wetlands, zoning districts, political wards and natural resources. Some jurisdictions in New Hampshire provide information about local trash collection in their parcel records.

Parcel numbers are assigned so that offices can correctly tax and apply tax payments to each parcel. The numbers in each parcel number represent the physical location of the property, such as the street, town and county, but does not describe the land or represent the property's exact measurement. A parcel number could change if the owner purchases an attached piece of property and the assessor merges the two parcels into one.

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