What Information Is on a Blank Affidavit Form?


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The information on a blank affidavit should include an area for the name and address of the person making the statement, called the affiant, the Law Dictionary notes. There should be room for the affiant to insert certain details, such as his occupation and relationship to the parties involved in the matter before the court. A signature line and an area for a notary to affix her signature are also necessary.

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If a court is the intended recipient of an affidavit, an area to insert the case caption is necessary, the Law Dictionary reports. The first paragraph of the affidavit involves the affiant's details, and the opening sentence of the affidavit is the affirmation that the information presented is true.

The majority of the affidavit contains a series of paragraphs that describe an important statement of fact, the Law Dictionary explains. Each paragraph contains important details to the matter at hand, and the affidavit should reference any supporting documents attached to the affidavit. The individual completes the affidavit with a statement that the information presented is a true representation of the facts, and it indicates the oath the affiant has taken. The affiant signs the end of the affidavit, and the notary affixes her signature as witness to the affiant's execution of the document.

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