What Information Is Available Regarding Child Support on the MyFloridaCounty Website?

The MyFloridaCounty website has answers to some frequently asked questions regarding child support, including what to do if a delinquency notice is furnished, according to the official website. Other information includes what to do if someone receiving child support has not received a payment in some time.

The MyFloridaCounty website provides users some general information regarding child support. One such piece of information includes how someone can receive child support, in that it's obtained through an Administrative or Judicial Court order. Parties interested in petitioning for child support should contact a private attorney or the Department of Revenue, according to MyFloridaCounty.

The MyFloridaCounty website is an online portal where individuals can go to pay their child support bill, as well as other payments mandated by the state. When a user pays his child support payment through the online portal, he is advised immediately if the payment was accepted. There is a 3 1/2 percent charge for payments made through the portal, says MyFloridaCounty.

In order to make payments through the portal, users must first create an account. From there, the user can make payments by logging into his account and paying using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, explains MyFloridaCounty.