What Information Is Available on the Official White House Website?


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Visitors to the official White House website can find a variety of information there, from written policy briefs and initiatives to videos of musical performances. The site contains the text of the President's speeches, his daily schedule, and interactive sections that provide a virtual tour of the White House. There is also a video area that houses archived speeches, state visits and behind-the-scenes glimpses of life at the White House.

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The official White House website, whitehouse.gov, is one of the main online tools that the President of the United States uses to reach out to his constituents. The President typically uses it to expand upon the sound bites and edited statements and video footage that national media may show. The site allows the administration to present more detailed information regarding policy initiatives and offers a way for the President to help build popular support for his agenda.

The site also allows the President to highlight important news stories and to expand upon their importance. Typically these highlighted news pieces are tied back to policy and issue sections of the site. Sometimes these sections also lead to online and interactive forms that encourage visitor action, such as providing information about making donations for disaster relief.

The site also contains an extensive video library that offers more complete footage of events such as the signing of bills, full speeches and state visits by visiting dignitaries. The video section also has high-quality highlights of music and dance performances given at the White House as part of cultural recognition concerts. A section with virtual tours of the White House, including interesting historical trivia about the building and furnishings, is also available.

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