What Information Is Available on Inmate Records?

information-available-inmate-records Credit: -JvL-/CC-BY 2.0

Inmate records typically display information about the inmate's name, aliases, age, sentence, parole status, release date and infractions. The Federal Bureau of Prisons website, which displays only federal inmates, does not include information about crimes. Instead, it provides only the name, register number, age, race, sex, release date and location of inmates in federal custody.

Users can search inmates either by name or register number at the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. Similar search tools at the websites of various state departments of corrections may allow users to search by gender, race, county, facility and criminal history in addition to name and identifying number. Many inmate records will display a photograph, and users can opt to exclude those without photographs from their search.

At the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, the searchable database does not include records of inmates released prior to 1982. Ages are based on dates of birth, rather than times of arrest, and in the event that an inmate has died, the date of death will be indicated under the date of release. Otherwise, the date of release will display the projected end of the sentence. If the date listed has passed, the inmate has been released. The location of inmates is also accurate and up-to-date on this system, listing "halfway house" and "in transit" where applicable.