What Information Is Available in the Air Force Pay Chart?

What Information Is Available in the Air Force Pay Chart?

The Air Force pay charts provide salary information for service men and women, including those who are enlisted, officers and medical professionals. It includes annual salary rates for each rank, depending on their years of service.

The Enlisted Pay chart can be found on the Air Force website and shows the salaries for Airman Basic, Airman, Airman First Class, Senior Airman, Staff Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, and Master Sergeant beginning with two or less years of service through over 40 years of service.

The two highest enlisted ranks, Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant, begin to list annual salaries at eight and nine years, respectively, because Airmen must serve a minimum number of years before being eligible for promotion to these ranks.

The pay charts for officers and medical professionals differ from the Enlisted pay chart. The ranks for both

officers and health care professionals include Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain and Major, as well as Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General and General.

Like the enlisted ranks, the two highest ranks of officers and medical professionals require a minimum number of years of service before promotion.

In addition to an annual salary, the Air Force also provides an extensive benefits package for those who enlist. The benefits include paid vacations, health and life insurance at discounted rates, tuition assistance and retirement plans.